about us

We are a group of people trying hard to live out the life of Jesus.

Dominantly we feel like this means that we reach out to others in practical ways, and those things then speak to the spirit of each person; and there is where God does His best work.

We also are a group of people that believe family matters.  No, not the ’90’s TV show.

Family is the way that we want to operate meaning that we love one another unconditionally, meet everyone where they are, honor the journey that each have traveled & relay the love of God at every turn.



1>    Jesus     if we’re not talking about Him we shouldn’t be saying anything

2>    the WORD of God     we’re informed about Jesus through scripture, the holy Bible

3>    excellence     if what we’re doing is important [and we think it is] then we should do it well.  perfection isn’t what we’re after, just the best effort every time out

4>    service     when we serve others there’s something that happens inside us; God changes us when we put our own interests in the shadows

5>    generosity     again, when we give to others [time, abilities, money], recognizing the great generosity of our God good things happen inside us, causing us to be more like Jesus

6>    faith     all of these things are built out of a faith in our God & His saving Son, Jesus Christ; if we do not have faith in what He has done we are less likely to put action to our words